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ARS Circle: Are You In?

ARS Arts & Culture Center (ARS) is a community art center, offering cultural arts, applied arts, fine arts, and outreach programs. Our programming embraces our whole community and is recognized by our ARS Arts & Public Arts Program.

ARS fosters personal growth for youth through positive interaction and social development. We use fine, applied, and cultural arts, along with the powerful vehicle of public art to educate our youth. ARS has a distinctive focus to bring youth with diverse social, racial, and economic backgrounds together through these principles.

ARS saves lives, giving hope to the youths that feel hopeless, giving youths the opportunity for empowerment when they feel powerless. ARS believes that you can say more through art than you can through words alone.

Anna Russo Sieber, founder, and executive director, along with the ARS Board of Directors, have committed to embark on a sustainability journey to ensure the future of ARS and its life-changing programs. We anticipate that this funding from the Circle will underwrite our three-year path, and will increase our sustainable future. ARS would like you to join the Circle for a 3-year partnership to help us reach our goal.

It is our time! Are you in? We ask you to support and be a part of this journey

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ARS Arts & Public Arts Program

I Am the Greatest sculputre by John Sauve

Our programs are designed to teach and assist youth in assessing their strengths and determining goals for their lives - through lessons about community, art, culture and life skills. Teens also learn to express themselves through introspective writing, creating, and expressing their thoughts and feelings through artistic media.

The sculptures by Sauvé are bright orange representations of the struggle to overcome adversity, and are used to inspire youth to work through adversity.

During our after-school programs, we become much more than an art center and learning environment. We become a home! Meals are shared - values are modeled - theory and design are taught - and genuine expression is encouraged. The art center is a safe place and it’s this sense of security that fosters personal growth through positive interaction. (Over 60% of local youth have no organized after school program to attend.)

How you can Help

ARS After School Arts

Opportunities are available to provide financial assistance for the ARS After School Arts programs, summer camps, & private lessons. For more information on how you can help support the youth workshops, please contact Anna Russo-Sieber on 269.208.4409, or the ARS Arts & Culture Center on 269.363.4740.

Thank you for considering the ARS Arts & Public Arts Program.

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147 Fifth St, Benton Harbor, MI 49022 • 269-363-4740, 269-208-4409 • arsarts.culture@gmail.com
Winter Gallery Hrs: Thu-Sat 11a.m. - 4 p.m. Also open during evening classes.

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